Bread in Common – Perth, Australia

Every once in a while I return to my old stomping ground of Perth, to see my mother and catch up with friends. Last time I was there I left the dinner venue up to my friends, as Perth has changed considerably since I last lived there 24 years ago. Bread in Common is a restaurant set in the increasingly popular suburb of Fremantle and comes with a bit of buzz. Upon arrival you are greeted with a queue as they don’t do reservations. Not a plus in my books but I was in a light mood as I was catching up with old friends. As you wait for your ‘table’, you are invited to have drinks upstairs. Once again, I ignored the blatant attempt to make us spend more money because I was in a good mood. They do make a decent Mule. Bread in Common is set in an old warehouse with long shared tables and the coolest hanging industrial light bulbs. As the name suggests this is a restaurant with a bakery at its heart. In the end we shared a lovely evening, I suspect mostly because of the company. The service was passable, which ranged from very friendly to slightly inept (these were the backpackers). The menu changes daily and isn’t particularly diverse. The plates can be enjoyed individually or enjoyed as a shared meal, as we did. It could get loud and the acoustics unfortunately make conversations just manageable. Dining at Bread in Common is not the cheapest affair but if you bring the right company and attitude, you will be in a for a pretty good night.

Image from Bread in Common

Image from Bread in Common




Visited: January 2014


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