Ali Baba – Dahab, Egypt

For those who haven’t been there, Dahab is a small Egyptian town on the shores of the Sinai peninsula. Unlike most other destinations in Egypt, Dahab has no archeological significance and is solely a playground in the sun, where people come for activities like diving, snorkelling, horse-riding, windsurfing etc. We stayed at the Mecure resort, a sprawling estate of individual bungalows, swimming pools and private beaches. The actual township of Dahab was a short drive away and consists primarily of restaurants and souvenir shops, which I find strangely compelling. We dined here on our final night in Egypt and it provided the perfect send-off. Our guide had booked a huge table for us, right at the back against the water’s edge. The smell of cooking meat on the barbeque got our appetites whetted. We were a group of new friends enjoying a trip of a lifetime. It comes as no surprise that we were in store for a great evening. The food and atmosphere of Ali Baba just brought the experience to a higher level. The cheap drinks were flowing and some of us even indulged in the customary shisha water pipes. Then the food arrived. OMG. I ordered the mixed grill deluxe, a massive platter of flame grilled kofta, kebabs and lamb chops, served with vegetables. All for the princely sum of 95LE (AU$15). The affordability of food and drink isn’t confined to Dahab alone. It’s pretty cheap through all of Egypt. I had no preconceptions of the kind of food I would be eating in Egypt. Even now I cannot satisfactorily tell you what kind of food we ate in my time travelling around Egypt. My lasting memory is that it was delicious and very cheap. If you’re ever in Dahab I can recommend you stop by Ali Baba for a feed.

Ali Baba restaurant © Julian Chan

Ali Baba restaurant © Julian Chan

1105_dahab_inside ali baba's

The Mixed Grill Deluxe © Julian Chan












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