Porteño – Sydney, Australia

Porteño is an Argentinian barbeque restaurant in the heart of suburban Sydney. Run by Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz (Sydney Morning Herald Chefs of the Year 2013), it owns it’s authenticity to a woodfired asador and parilla grill. Beyond this, the interior decor exudes a certain cool with a hint of rockabilly. The downsides to Porteño is that it has 2 nightly seatings and they do not take bookings for groups of 4 or less. As you arrive you are greeted by the charming and immaculately groomed maitre d’ Sarah Doyle. If a table isn’t immediately available, you can choose to wait upstairs at Gardel’s Bar. The menu is mouth-watering, and is choc full of all kinds of barbequed meats. Whilst I’ve been lucky enough to have dined here twice, I have been twice thwarted from enjoying the Chanchito a la Cruz (8 hour woodfired pig), which was sold out each time. This is shocking given 2 whole pigs are roasted daily. I can. however, vouch for the Cordero a la Cruz (8 hour woodfired lamb), the Entraña (charcoal grilled Wagyu beef), the Remolachas con Repollo Marinado y Labna (Roast Beetroot, Marinated Red Cabbage, Honey Olives, Pickled Green Chilli & Labna) and the very surprising Repollitos de Brusela (Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts with Lentils & Mint). In fact everything looks just fab. If you’re a carnivore like me, this is a place you will love. If you must have the woodfired pig, you may have to get there at 6pm. It isn’t a cheap night out, but a satisfying one.


8-hour woodfired lamb









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