Agriturismo Ardene – Montepulciano, Italy

Back in 2008 when I decided to embark upon a self-drive ‘Giro Toscana’, I planned it to the last detail. I’m like that – I leave nothing to chance. So armed with a map I charted my route, picked out towns I wanted to visit and strategically picked my hotel locations. One of them happened to be Agriturismo Ardene in Montepulciano. Agristurismi are essentially Italian bed and breakfasts set in country farms. I don’t remember why I chose this place. It was either because I couldn’t find a hotel I liked or because I wanted to stay at my first agriturismo. I suspect the former.

Benedetta outside the farmhouse

Benedetta outside the farmhouse

The place is located along a narrow dirt road, the entrance of which was a little hard to find but I got there. The country house has a several old stone buildings which date back to medieval times and is absolute charming to behold. Inside the rooms are well appointed and tastefully decorated in the Tuscan style. My hostess at the time was Benedetta, whom I believed to be the daughter if the owner. She spoke no English, but we communicated well enough through my meagre Italian. A better host you would not find. She even gave me the matrimonial room.

My bedroom - pardon the mess.

My bedroom – pardon the mess.

The pretty bathroom

The pretty bathroom







At breakfast after the night I foolishly stranded myself in town ( she came to me to say she was worried because she didn’t see my hire car return. When I told her my tale she told me I should have called her for a lift. Now that’s hospitality. If you’re visiting this beautiful part of the world I can highly recommend staying here.

One stunning stunning morning breaks over the hills of Montepulciano

One stunning stunning morning breaks over the hills of Montepulciano

Visited: April 2008


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