Le Bistro des Deux Theatres – Paris, France

Le Bistro des Deux Theatres is located in the Opera Quarter of Paris.

The restaurant itself is situated on one of those wonderful sharp Parisian corner blocks, where Rue Blanch meets Rue Jean-Baptiste-Pigalle. From the moment I saw its front façade with its brass door handles I knew I was in for a lovely Parisian experience. The beauty of dining here is its pricing structure – there is a set price of €39 per head (this may have increased a little since) for a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine between 2 (dining alone I got a bottle to myself). There is a choice from about 6 dishes for each course and you will be given a lovely aperitif upon arrival. The interior is atmospherically lit and classically decorated in red velour and brass, in keeping with the classic style. The photos on the walls also suggest that this is a regular haunt for French celebrities.


Booking is necessary. For those of us without the Rockefeller wallet this is a place to experience fine French cuisine in a lovely setting at a reasonable price. I will definitely return if I’m ever in Paris again.

Visited: March 2012


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