Le Languedoc – Paris, France

I was determined to dine well during my latest visit to the city of lights but to be honest I have a poor record in choosing restaurants overseas, especially on my first night in town. As such, I did my research this time and wrote down a few names to try. One of them was fortunately Le Languedoc, situated in the heart of the 5th, my favourite of all the arrondissements.

As the name suggest, it serves hearty food from the Languedoc-Rousillon region in southern France. Family owned and rustic, the service is brisk but friendly. The place is small and homely and a lot of the clientele were local Parisians, always a good sign. I dined on French staples – escargots for entrée and cassoulet for main. It was the perfect repast for a cold March evening and brought back memories of Carcassone and Nîmes, and a region close to my heart.


I got in without a booking but it may be advisable to book a table. I don’t remember what my bill came to but I believe it was quite reasonable.

Visited: March 2012


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