Rainy day photography

Anyone who’s ever been thwarted by rainy days on holiday will know the frustrations therein. If you’re an avid photographer then your frustrations would be twice that.

Here’s a little trick I picked up from a couple of photographers a long time ago. If you own an SLR or DSLR camera, simply walk into your hotel room ensuite and grab the free shower cap. Slowly make a hole only just large enough for your lens to peep through. Then cover the rest of the camera with the shower cap. If you have a lens hood all the better as this will help hold the shower cap in place. All this, however, is an average solution at best if it’s pelting down and/or windy.

A better solution came to me by accident, but it does involve investing in more equipment.

I recently purchased a Canon IXUS 125 HS compact camera mainly as a replacement for my 50D for when I don’t particularly want to be carrying a huge camera with me. It takes 16.1Mpixel images, full HD movies and is tiny. I later found out there was a waterproof case (WPDC 330L) available for the IXUS, designed specifically for underwater photography. Why not then, I reasoned, can’t this also be used for rainy situations?


I tested my theory out in Vietnam a few months ago and it worked a treat. Whilst the low light of a rainy day will always make your shots grainy, at least you will have some shots. Ironically I have yet to test its underwater capabilities.

1004_on the bike_hoi an


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