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Back in 2010 when I decided it was time I visited the land of the Paraohs, there were several tour groups open to me. Having had a long history with another tour company I decided to take a chance with another company, which seemed to promise more of a younger cleintele. So it was that I took a chance on On the Go’s Egypt/Jordan trip over Christmas and New Year. (I will write at length about this trip on a future post.) I was amazed at how many different tours these guys were offering just on this region alone. My fellow travellers were, as I discovered to my relief were 90% in their thirties, pretty much my favoured demographic. The bus we had was the standard 50 seater coach, air conditioned and comfortable (mostly). They have less optional extras than Cosmos, called Bolt-Ons and therefore cost less in terms of additional expenditure. The amount of Bolt-Ons I believe are not across the board, but rather tour-specific.

Camel rides in Giza

Camel rides in Giza

The included meals were as per normal – all breakfasts and some dinners. The tour guide we had was on the whole very good, although I did have a run-in with him about the amount of time we were going to stay at Karnak. I still maintain that there is no circumstance that a guide should raise his voice to a client. Anyway we made our peace later on tour.

One particular incident endeared On the Go to me – the most harrowing part of the trip – an overnight bus ride from Luxor to Dahab. A few hours into this journey the bus comes to a stop, along with all the other traffic. We pull into a large car park and later discover the roads are flooded and no-one is going anywhere for the next 10 hours. Most other tour companies would just claim “force majeure” and leave their clients to sleep on the bus. Our guides however, rang around frantically and secured all of us rooms for the night AT THE COMPANY’S expense. I can think of no other tour company who would have done this.

Group shot overlooking Petra

Group shot overlooking Petra

My feelings for On the Go however, are divided as I had a different sort of experience with them in Indochina, detailed here.

I am still a fan of On the Go though and will continue to use them, but not through Indochina.


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