Blackrapid Cargo (RS-5) Strap

If, like me, you own a DSLR camera of considerable weight and do a lot of travelling, you will be aware of a certain discomfort when travelling around with such a beast. I own a Canon Eos 50D (soon to be replaced) coupled with a Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens, lens hood and other bits and pieces. All together this weighs almost 1.5kg (3.3lb). Whilst there is nothing wrong with the standard issue camera strap, after several hours of this around your neck is, believe me, quite uncomfortable. The solution, then, is to shift the load to one of your shoulders. Along comes the Blackrapid straps. I use the RS-5 model, which has extra compartments in the strap pad for cards, batteries, phone etc. These straps come in several models, depending on your preference. There are even female versions with a curved strap pad which curves around the… ahem… you-know-what. I put mine to the test earlier in the year in Vietnam and Cambodia and it came through with flying colours. It was, however, of no use whilst crawling around the Cu Chi tunnels. If your camera is light, this may not be of use to you because it’s the weight of your camera that keeps the strap in place. If you have a heavy camera, this may be a great product for you.



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