Gourmet Corner Restaurant – Hanoi, Vietnam

I booked this restaurant due to Tripadvisor reviews and also because I was arriving at dinnertime in Hanoi. The fact that I was also staying in the Elegance Diamond made the choice easy. Gourmet Corner provided the charming, easy introduction to Vietnam I was hoping for. The staff were exceedingly polite, the food fantastic and they also surprised me with a birthday cake (I didn’t tell them) and the whole staff singing happy birthday. One of the main highlights of this restaurant is its view of the city, which was sadly nonexistent that night due to thick fog. But as I was staying in the hotel I got to experience that view on clearer days.

The restaurant

My entree – spring rolls

The main course – I think it was called ‘roast chicken’ – not exactly roasted but yummy nonetheless

The view from the restaurant

The view from the restaurant


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