Cosmos Tours

Cosmos was the first tour company I ever travelled with to Italy way back when in 2000. They are the sister company of Globus Tours and are the cheaper alternative. I have been on their tours no fewer than 7 times – Italy (3 times), France, Spain, Central Europe and Turkey. The coaches they use are primarily 50-seaters but have only seen it remotely full on one occasion, in Turkey. That time, it actually was full and a little uncomfortable. The hotels are primarily 3 star and generally quite reasonable. Included meals are all breakfasts and some dinners. They make most of their money from optional extras – activities and visits that will cost you more on top of the tour cost. Their clientelle comes from around the world (primarily from USA, UK and Australia) and from what I’ve seen are about 70-80% of the older set. However, I can guarantee there have always been at least a handful of the younger set (or younger at heart) around, usually more. Had that not been the case I would have stopped using them a long time ago. As a group, Cosmos are reasonable. I stopped using them because I felt that the people at head office really didn’t give a rat’s about their clients and their concerns. I myself have had all my letters/emails to them completely ignored. I generally travel in the off season and when numbers are low Cosmos combines tours with another tour group which occasionally causes issues, such as the time I travelled with them through Central Europe. As we reached Salzburg, we were told we were returning to Munich early because some in our party had booked flights out a day earlier than the rest of us. This was obviously because their tour was a day shorter than ours. But instead of sending these 4 people back to Munich by private shuttle, head office decided to unfairly cut short our time in Salzburg with no apology or explanation. My issues with Cosmos head office does not extend to their guides or drivers as I have always had the highest regard for (most of) them. Another major drawback with Cosmos tour is that they have a minimum number requirement. Which means you could book with them but find out 2 weeks before the tour that they have not got the requisite numbers and will just cancel the tour on you at a very late stage. This was still the case as of 2009 when I last used them. Some tour companies will go ahead with as little as 1 or 2 travellers.


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